Q. Through whom does the Church carry out its mission?
A. The church carries out its mission through the ministry
of all its members.
— The Book of Common Prayer, p 855

What Is Outreach?

Outreach is the word we use to describe the actions we take to share God’s love with the poor, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised. We have two tracks for this engagement that work well for different times of life:

On-Ramp to Service

Our Outreach Team has a variety of service opportunities of which you can be a part.  These are events in which you may participate once, twice, or regularly.  Please feel free to bring friends or family.  It would be helpful if you could call or email the event organizer so that they know to expect you but that is not required.

Action:Reflection — Living Faith in a Changing World

Saint Philip’s offers six sessions to help you to gain skills as a volunteer locally.  Trainings may include Bible study, prayer, and training on being an effective volunteer, being a Christian in the community, anti-racism in institutions, team-building, and spirituality in action. Those 14–95 years old are welcome.

Building relationships across the generations is something the Church excels at, and there’s no exception to that here. From the person who wants to alleviate poverty to the person who wants to build a roof, to the person who feels called to knit blankets, there is a way for you to connect and live out your Christian faith in action.

These six sessions culminate in a work project designed by the cohort who is in the training group this year.  Contact Mother Taylor Devine at 520.299.6421 or by clicking “learn more” below to ask for more information.

Learn More

To learn more about training, service opportunities, or mission and outreach at Saint Philip's, please contact Mother Taylor Devine by phone at 520.299.6421 or by clicking below.