Voices from Saint Philip's

In the gallery below you will find videos and quotes from parishioners of all ages and backgrounds describing what Saint Philip's has meant to them.

Generation to Generation

Every member of Saint Philip’s has some memory, whether from long ago or from just last week, of a time when something special stirred in them. Perhaps it was a quiet moment in the garden. Maybe it was at the Blessing of the Animals as an eager puppy jumped and barked. It may have been a descant on an old favorite hymn that hit you just so and left you smiling and even a little teary-eyed. A hand may have held yours. An eye may have caught yours. Looking down maybe you caught a glimpse of a little girl whispering the Lord’s Prayer. Some sermon may have seemed like it was written just for you that week. Some prayer may have found you when so much seemed lost.

Children play around the fish pond.

Children play around the fish pond.

These memories and a thousand thousand more have been had in this place. In this community. In this one building block of the vast and soaring thing that is the Church across the ages. Every one of these memories is a story. It is your story. It is our story. It is the Church’s story. Saint Philip’s is a storied place with a long history and rich tradition, and we are honored to be trusted with its care — with its stories and memories.

There are generations ahead for whom we will be ancestors. People will tell the stories we tell. They too will share the memories we share. They will walk these gardens, kneel at the same Altar Rail, sing the same hymns, watch lizards scurry, listen to the fountains bubble, and watch light play across the palms at dusk. They will pray, serve, grow old, rejoice, mourn, and watch as their children too splash in the fish pond.  

They will remember that those who came before them also had the sense that this is a special place which they had the generosity to preserve and enhance for them and for their children. Their stories will be woven with ours, their gifts with ours, their hopes with ours from generation to generation and beyond.