Staff Meeting Agenda


Transformation: Where in your ministry are you seeing something that looks like transformation?  Are people going deeper, growing, changing, stepping up?

Isolation: Who do we need to reach out to because they seem to be having trouble or feeling isolated or alone, or just need some encouragement that we might not be aware of?

Thank You Notes: Who, this week, should get a thank you note from the Rector or someone else in your ministry area and why?


First-time Visitors and New Members: Review reports of calls to first-time visitors and new members, track newcomer reactions to services and ministries, collectively hear about potential new ministry leaders, flag items for follow-up, and be aware of trends.

Communications: Coordinate communication efforts, establish priorities, discuss the items scheduled to be advertised or included in verbal announcements, ensure that events are being advertised with enough lead time.  Ensure that we have information for front desk volunteers.

Future Dates: Before adding events to the calendar, review and discuss the merits of the idea and minimize schedule conflicts.  Coordinate time off or away.

Name clearing: Review potential ministry leaders or volunteers before offering a specific ministry position.

Weekend Review: Discuss previous weekend's services, fora, events, and identify what went well and what needs improvement.

Current Projects: Monitor development of ministries such as classes, staff searches, or a campaign.

Priority Business

General Discussion: Issues about which the staff should be informed, and reminders of upcoming priorities.

Proposals: Review new ministry ideas and plans for addressing problem areas.  Each idea is assign to specific staff or teams and a date designated for the staff member to present on developments.

Follow-Up Review: Any items that were previously tabled for lack of information or steps needing to be taken.

Next Week's Agenda Items

Bulletin Review

Planning Documents

RenewalWorks Reports

Best Practices for Church Growth Study

Children, Youth, and Family Ministries Report