Holy Land Pilgrimage 2020
November 4th - 15th

co-facilitated by Fr. Robert Hendrickson and Fr. Scott Gunn

Dear Friends,

Pilgrimage can be a life-changing experience - this is especially true of journeying to the center of our faith where the greatest mysteries of God's plan unfolded.  Those mysteries continue to unfold in each of us and are especially powerful and transformative when we make the space and take the time to let them enfold us.  This is at the heart of the pilgrim's journey. 

The tourist goes far afield to consume the experience of travel and to spend time and money to see new things in the world.  The pilgrim's true journey is an interior one.  The pilgrim goes not to consume but to be consumed by the intimacy of walking in the Way of Jesus.  The pilgrim sees not only new things about the world but about themselves, our God, and our faith. 

More information about the itinerary, costs, and more will be available in January 2020.  Many have already expressed interest in going so we offer the form below to register your interest.  Our travel partner will be Lightline Pilgrimages.  they are the official pilgrimage partner of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and are professional in every way.

If you are considering going I would encourage you to stop considering and just go - you will rarely regret the opportunity to go deeper into holy mystery.  It is time well spent and could help you find your faith renewed, hope restored, and joy abounding. 

You can learn all the details of previous trips by clicking on the Pilgrimage Brochure button below!

Yours in Christ,

Fr Robert

The pilgrimage brochure with a detailed itinerary, costs, travel information, and much more will be available in January 2020. 

To download a previous year’s brochure simply click on the button below.

Pilgrimage Interest Form

(Please fill out the form for each person going in your party.)