Vestry Candidates

Annual Meeting Update

Our Annual Meeting will take place Sunday January 13th.

10:15am is the first session and will include voting for vestry, budget presentation, finance update, and reports from Buildings and Grounds, Ministry Endowment and Funds Trust, Preservation and Endowment.

12:30pm is the second session and will include the Rector’s report, mission and ministry updates, and reports on new initiatives. Food will be served and childcare available!

Nancy Atherton - Junior Warden Candidate

vestry nca.jpg

I grew up on the East Coast and started singing in the congregational church we attended when I was five. As an adult, I attended several different churches – Episcopal, back to Congregational (when I moved back to Connecticut to be closer to family as I raised my son), Presbyterian, then Episcopal again at Trinity Boston. In each case I was looking for a place where I could sing, get involved in the community, and exchange ideas freely and further explore my faith. I was pretty sure God didn’t mind where I went as long as I kept growing! 

When I decided to retire and move to Arizona to get away from the cold and be closer to my son and his family, a friend at my work put me in touch with Anne Sawyer, who suggested Saint Philip's. I’ve been here ever since! In addition to being in the choir from Day 1, the Outreach Committee lost no time putting me to work! I have also served on the Finance and Mission & Endowment Fund Trust committees, tapping into my background in finance and investments. My spiritual growth has hugely benefited from the adult education opportunities offered by Saint Philip's, including Richard Kuns’ bible study class, which have opened up new ideas and new directions to explore in my faith journey. I am looking forward to working with Fr. Robert, his extremely talented and energetic new staff, and the Vestry and Parishioners of Saint Philip's in determining where we, as a faith community, feel called to do God’s work in the world.

Nancy Atherton, Candidate for Junior Warden

Chelsea Bayley - Vestry Candidate

vestry cb.jpeg

I grew up in a nondenominational church in the Chicago suburbs.  While studying at Wheaton College, I attended an Anglican church.  Liturgy was new to me as a young adult and I found my heart pierced by the power of liturgy to draw me into deeper relationship with God.  When graduate school brought my husband Tim and me to Tucson, we attended a nondenominational church with friends from college.  During that time, I found myself longing for many aspects of liturgy including the weekly reading of scripture, the confession of sins, the sacrament of communion, and the power of weekly recitation of the Nicene Creed, rooting me to the core tenants of my faith.

After the birth of my oldest child, I began to think seriously about which denomination and church I wanted to raise my daughter in.  Our family began to attend Saint Philip’s four years ago.  I appreciate that Saint Philip’s is an open and loving community where all people are welcome and it is a place where I find myself continually invited to see and participate in God’s work in the world.  

I am a mother to two daughters, Eleanor (5) and Piper (3), and one son, Luca (1).  It has been a wonderful gift to see my children bloom in the Atrium classroom here at Saint Philip’s where they are learning who the Good Shepherd is!  Prior to the birth of Luca, I was a research speech pathologist at the University of Arizona.  I currently stay home with my children and am loving this brief, rich time in life.    

I am grateful to be a part of Saint Philip’s and for the multitude of ways in which God is working in my life and the life of my family through Saint Philip’s. I look forward to serving on the vestry and becoming more involved at Saint Philip’s.  ­­

–Chelsea Bayley, Candidate for Vestry

Lee Shaw, Vestry Candidate

vestry ls.jpeg

Hello, fellow parishioners, my name is Lee Shaw, and I would like to introduce myself. My wife, Laura, our 2-year old daughter, Olivia, and I moved from Albuquerque to Tucson in the fall of 1999 and fell in love not only with the timeless beauty in the architecture and setting of Saint Philip’s but also the beautiful diversity of people and talents that walk and grow on the grounds of this sacred space and the variety of offerings available to enrich one’s life.

My wife, Laura, and I met in New York City in 1989 and we lived and worked in NYC and Connecticut, me in architecture and Laura in marketing, until we got married in 1992 and moved to Albuquerque where we lived for seven years before moving to Tucson. We both grew up in the Dallas area where I was raised in the Methodist church and she grew up Catholic and the Episcopal church has been the perfect home for both of us. We appreciate the diversity of thoughts and ideas shared and the openness in which to share them.

Our son, Will, was baptized here in 2002 and has enjoyed being a member of the youth group along with his sister Olivia. They were both fortunate to have participated in the summer youth pilgrimage that made an impact on them then and continues to help shape their lives. I have participated in the life of Saint Philip’s as a youth leader for Rite 13 and J2A as well as the Men’s Spirituality Group and my family and I have been attending Sunday morning services since moving here and the Come and See Service since 2011.

Since moving here Saint Philip’s has become an integral part of my life personally and spiritually and has allowed me to grow in so many ways. I feel I can’t live without this church and community and I’m honored to be asked to serve on the Vestry. I look forward to having this opportunity to serve, being more engaged and able to hear the many voices that sing the song of this parish. Thank you for your consideration.

–Lee Shaw, Candidate for Vestry

Mark Woodhams, Vestry Candidate

vestry mw.jpeg

My wife Helene and I joined Saint Philips in 1993, after moving to Tucson from Connecticut when I took a position as publications director at the UA. Our three children, now adults and widely dispersed to Boston, the Bay Area and Switzerland (and producers of 4 grandkids), were immersed in youth activities that resonate with them to this day (even if they don’t go to church!). Helene and I meanwhile have served with a number of ministries and committees. I was on the vestry about 10 years ago and I have also found great meaning and reward from being an usher for many years, and until recently an usher leader.

Professionally, I was a working newsman early on, and I once owned a weekly paper. The bulk of my career, 30 years, has been in journalism education, running university student media programs, and I serve on the UA School of Journalism’s advisory council. As a cradle Episcopalian, I had no choice. My father was a priest and rector at two different parishes, one of those in Rome, Italy where I spent formative years. I was pretty much a rectory rat -- and the most available acolyte. Of course being an Episcopalian today has changed from those years – more outreach, diversity, inclusion, and fewer hats and suits and cradle Episcopalians. Still, I keep coming back because of the simplest and most timeless things: liturgy, hymns, sacraments that have changed little, even as the church itself – and our parish in particular-- grows more dynamic and innovative. I think we can all be psyched about Saint Philip’s future and I look forward to contributing in some measure as a vestry member. I know it is a significant responsibility and honor.

–Mark Woodhams, Candidate for Vestry

Mary Cutting, Vestry Candidate

I’m a cradle Episcopalian. For a long time the church of my mothers was a kind of cocoon, patiently keeping me safe and comforting me with its traditions until my now heartfelt faith woke in me in my mid-30s.

Born in the Missionary District of Eastern Oregon I’ve been a member of ten+ Episcopal congregations and known others as a strategic planning and organizational consultant.  For eighteen months I was management consultant to the Bishop and Diocese of Olympia, Washington.  As an advisor to the historic First United Methodist Church in downtown Seattle I learned we are not alone in our struggle to balance spiritual and secular priorities. At St. Mark’s Cathedral I chaired the Evangelism Task Force and at Trinity, Seattle served on Vestry and as Senior (Rector’s) Warden before and after the 2001 earthquake required us to raise $4.5 million to rebuild our sanctuary.

I’ve been a COO, HR Director and Director of Employee and Executive Development for professional service, engineering and construction firms, PBS.  I’ve managed performance, team development and strategic planning processes, created and managed budgets and have a fervent appreciation for creative responsible use of fiscal resources.  In 2014 I became a certified team and executive coach.

At Saint Philip’s I’m a Eucharistic Minister, have been an ASMP volunteer and, with Mary Herring, recently presented recommendations regarding our Children, Youth and Family programs to Fr. Robert.  I facilitated the ASMP Boards assessment and strategic planning process and was on the 2018 Vestry Nominating Committee.  

Hal and I moved to Tucson from Seattle in 2015 and joined Saint Philip’s immediately.  He’s an ex-Boeing engineer, recently retired Clinical/Psychiatric MSW, docent at Tohono Chul and an apprentice pool boy.

–Mary Cutting, Candidate for Vestry