Lenten Quiet Day: Praying Through Troubled Times

Phoebe Griswold, Julie Johnson and Jeanette Renouf are members of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross as well as women practiced and dedicated to praying. Together they will facilitate a Quiet Day on March 10th, whose topic is “Praying through Troubled Times”. The Society is vowed to pray and work for social justice and peace, the unity of all God’s people, and the mission of God in the world.

The title came to us because it is our challenge given the status of our troubled times. As Christians we always have hope but what can we do to keep God’s vision for us alive when hope is challenged and when the path ways to Divine wisdom seem to go off track?

The group will hear short presentations from the facilitators. There will be space for quiet and sharing. Our hope is that we leave strengthened in our resolve to keep praying, taking home with us the tenacity and wisdom of other’s praying.

As the wife of the former presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church and mother of investigative journalist and author, Eliza Griswold (Tenth Parallel), Phoebe Griswold brings a first hand experience of how people around the world pray during troubled times.

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9:30-2 in the Gallery, Lunch is provided

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