Gathered in Love. Transformed by Grace. Sent to Serve.

Welcome to Saint Philip’s in the Hills — a community that is gathered in love, transformed by grace, and sent to serve. Ours is an ancient faith lived in a for the modern world. We invite you to join us in patters of ritual, conversation, and service that can support your exploration of faith, and reveal how the Way of Love that Jesus modeled for the world can help us live our lives with and for God. Life here is intergenerational and we seek to live out our faith intentionally, with purpose, and with joy as people committed to walking in love together.


Each and every Sunday for generation after generation the Church has gathered to offer thanks and praise — to receive grace.  Saint Philip’s does this with joy and reverence, and we have a range of services for all those who seek God or a deeper knowledge of God.


Whether you have long experience in the Church or none at all, Saint Philip’s offers ways for each of us to grow in faith, hope, and love.  This is a wonderful community in which to raise a family, where those of all ages can make meaning and find purpose and hope together.


Each of us will find ourselves in need of the kindness of others at some point.  Saint Philip’s offers many ways to be a companion to those in need and connects us with people and resources to find confidence for the days ahead when we too may be in need.