The Health Cabinet

The Saint Philip’s Health Cabinet, led by our Faith Community Nurse, promotes holistic health and wellness programs that integrate mind, body and spirit, supporting St. Philips in The Hills Episcopal Church’s mission to be a strong and loving community which empowers and encourages all people to grow in faith and do God’s work in the world.

Health Cabinet Projects for 2017

  • Diabetes Self Management Training (6 wk Class) in LaPaz

  • Flu Clinic October 9th, 2016 with 36 parishioners getting their shots.

  • CPR and AED Training in LaPaz April 2017

  • Carol co - presented at Tucson Nurses Association Annual Conference on Faith Community Nursing

  • Distributed Updated First Aid booklets to ushers and staff.

  • Survey of Congregation on Health and Spiritual needs.

  • Good Shepherd Ministry for parishioners over 87 who are unable to attend church.

  • Implemented availability of bottled water on back table in church for all services.

  • Obtained EpiPens located in Ca’s office in event of severe allergic reaction.

  • Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Alliance Conference held on May 24, 2017 in Music Center.

  • Established resource for lending medical appliances to parishioners: e.g. wheel chairs, knee trolly, walkers etc.

Faith Community Nurse

The Faith Community Nurse promotes health, healing, and wholeness within the congregation by being “truly present” — listening to what a persons says and does not say and traveling with that person on their journey to well-being.  To contact our Faith Community Nurse, Carol Jones, please click the Contact button below.

The Haven (Mental Health Support)

The Haven is a weekly, confidential, peer-support group for all who are connected with mental illness: individuals affected, families, and professionals. The direction is toward Christ for needed strength and toward one another to offer and receive love and support.  To learn more please click “The Haven” below.

Recovery Ministries

Need Help for Yourself or a Loved One?

Some of us found recovery by reaching out to our Higher Power.  Some of us simply got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Others of us found recovery through a family or work intervention and still others were sent here via an understanding Judge. 

But however we got here each of us who have followed and stuck with the program have found a relief from our compulsion to drink or an addictive behavior.  Once the compulsion has been lifted through the 12 step programs we were able to discover hope and faith, a feeling of freedom and happiness.  We learned to accept self and other, gain a deeper perspective with a renewed purpose and direction in life.  Basically we came to share a life of spirituality, serenity, sanity and sobriety.

Making that first decision to reach out for help can be one of the most difficult, lonely and scariest times of your like.  You are not alone!  All of us in a 12 step program have been where you are now and there are a number of us who wish to help.  Still not sure?  Come check out a meeting.  There are no dues or fees and no one will ask you to sign up for membership.  If you are uncomfortable about attending your first meeting call The Recovery Ministry here at St. Philip’s.  We will help to make arrangements for someone in the program who is a friend of St. Philip’s to accompany you through the door and attend the meeting with you.  (520) 980-0742.

Please be advised anyone involved in a 12-step program will respect your anonymity with complete confidence.

Questions about 12 step programs?  We are happy to offer information, not counseling.  Please call (520) 980-0742.

List of All 12 Step and 12 Step Related Meetings on St. Philip’s Campus

Alcoholics Anonymous – Saturday 9:00 AM Women’s Solutions Group (Salvia Room)

Adult Children of Alcoholics – Sunday 5:00 PM (Salvia Room)

Al-Anon – Monday 12:00 Noon Men’s Group (Palo Verde Room) - Wednesday 12:00 Noon Men’s Group (Palo Verde Room) - Wednesday 7:30 PM Sharing for Growth Group (Salvia Room)

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous – Monday 6:00 PM Thank God it’s Monday Group (Mesquite Room) - Wednesday 6:00 PM New Hope Group (Salvia Room)

Overeaters Anonymous – Tuesday 5:30 PM (Salvia Room)

Debtors Anonymous - Saturday 10:30 AM (Salvia Room)

La Casita – On premises private counseling practice.  (520) 390-4860 -   

Good Shepherd Visitors

The Good Shepherd Visitors are parishioners who go out and spend time with homebound parishioners who are 87 years old or older.  It is a wonderful way to help people feel connected to their church home even when they are unable to make it to services.  To volunteer or to learn more please contact the Rev'd Jean Rogers at 520.299.6421 or by clicking the “Good Shepherd Visitors” button below.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Health is a safe, effective and fun way to improve balance and mental clarity, relieve pain, and create an overall feeling of well-being through natural breathing and slow, gentle, meditative body movements. Our goal is to make Tai Chi accessible to everyone - modifications offered, including seated. Classes are held in The Music Center at Saint Philip’s In The Hills Episcopal Church, 4440 N. Campbell Ave. at River, Tucson from 9:00am-10:00am, Mondays and Thursdays.  Register or inquire by contacting Master Trainer Heather Chalon, MPH via the button below.

St. Philip's Pottery Studio

Our fully equipped hand-building pottery studio has provided adult pottery classes and specialized workshops for the Tucson valley since 1999. Students engage in highly individualized, self-paced projects in an environment free of judgment and competition. We emphasize mindfulness towards the pottery "process" and one another. Its pottery-making with a difference.