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Special Presentation: The Saint John's Bible

In a welcome surprise, we will soon have on display ALL SEVEN volumes of the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible for a unique encounter with all 1,150-pages of calligraphed scripture and 160 major illuminations.

Lunch will be provided free of charge, so please RSVP by Friday, October 4. For more information, please contact Fr. Peter Helman (520-299-6421 ext. 33;

Last September, Saint Philip’s launched a program called, “A Year With The Saint John’s Bible,” made possible through partnerships with Saint John’s University & Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, and Saint Philip’s Art Gallery Committee.

For the past year, Saint Philip’s has been home to one of seven volumes of the full-sized Heritage Edition — the volume containing the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. We have incorporated the volume into our weekly liturgical life and have only begun to explore its illuminations through contemplation and study.

On Sunday, October 6, we will conclude our “A Year With The Saint John’s Bible” and consider whether to say farewell to the Gospel and Acts volume…or to become a permanent home for a 7-volume Heritage Edition and serve as one of only 299 global stewards of this unique work of sacred art…or as Newsweek called it, “America’s Book of Kells.”

Brad Neary, Director of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program, will return to join us in the Music Center at 12:45 p.m. for a parish luncheon and special forum on the enduring legacy of The Saint John’s Bible and a review of how Saint Philip’s has celebrated this monumental work over the past twelve months.

The Saint John’s Bible is a singular achievement of sacred art: the first illuminated, handwritten Bible of monumental size to be commissioned by a Benedictine Abbey since the invention of the printing press more than 500 years ago. With the pages of the original manuscript housed on permanent display at Saint John’s University, the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible was conceived to ignite the spiritual imagination of people from all faith journeys. Limited to 299 sets, the seven volumes of the Heritage Edition are a true masterpiece—hand-treated, fine art lithographs true to the scale, beauty, and artistic intent of the original. The Heritage Edition offers communities of faith like Saint Philip’s and other institutions around the world an encounter with The Saint John’s Bible.