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Intersections Youth Forum II: War

How do Christians understand war?  Is there a Christian ethic of war? Is there really such a thing as a "just" war or a "holy" war?  How might we be called to respond to wars and their effects on individuals, communities, cultures?  How do we faithfully meet the challenges that 21st century warfare poses to us as people of faith, compassion, and action?  Join us to ask hard questions in our second youth forum. 

What is the Intersections Youth Forum Series?  Earlier in the year, we asked our young people to name issues or topics in the church, in the world, and in themselves that concerned them, worried them, intrigued them, or about which they felt they needed to know more.  They then whittled down the (formidable!) list to a handful of topics around which they were interested in hosting forums for themselves and for the wider church--topics both hard and heartfelt, mysterious or pressing.  These are things the Youth want the church to sit up and pay attention to, and they're exercising their own prophetic ministry in making sure these discussions happen.  Come.  Listen.  Engage.  And be prepared to be transformed.