Q. Who are the ministers of the Church?
A. The ministers of the Church are lay persons, bishops, priests, and deacons.
— The Book of Common Prayer, p 855

Program and Administrative Leadership

Justin Appel

Director of Music

The Rev'd Taylor Devine

Curate for Outreach


The Rev'd K.D. Joyce

Curate for Communications and Evangelism

Myron Molzen


Lois Britton

Director of Finance and Operations

The Rev'd Peter Helman

Associate Rector

Stella Lopez

Assistant to the Rector

Ca Nguyen

Head Sexton

Jeffrey Campbell

Associate Director of Music

The Rev'd Robert Hendrickson



Anthea McCarty


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The Rev'd Mark Schultz

Curate for Children, Youth, and Families

Duc Tieu


Affiliate Clergy


Sunny Bal
Senior Warden

Bob Couch
Class of 2020

Katie Fouts
Class of 2021

Chelsea Bayley Class of 2021

Nancy Atherton
Junior Warden

Dale LaFleur
Class of 2020

Mary Cutting
Class of 2021

Lee Shaw Class of 2021

Beth Brouillette

Mary Herring
Class of 2020

Michael Linton
Class of 2021

Mark Woodhams Class of 2021