Q: Will you strive for justice and peace among all
people, and respect the dignity of every human being?
A: I will, with God’s help.
— The Book of Common Prayer, p 305

Advocacy at Saint Philip’s

A key aspect of the Christian life and the life of the Church is to advocate for and work toward a more just society. Saint Philip’s has long been part of this work of justice in Tucson and as part of the larger Episcopal Church.

Pima County Interfaith Civic Education Organization (PCICEO)

Saint Philip’s was one of the founding members of PCICEO, which has now been active for almost 30 years. It is a broad-based organization that develops leaders and institutions to speak out and act on issues impacting our families today. The member institutions are primarily faith-based, but educational and other types of institutions are involved as well. PCICEO began as PCIC — Pima County Interfaith Council — and is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, an international network which has other organizations working on similar issues across the U.S. and in six countries.

What is broad-based relational organizing?

Broad-based organizing means that the member institutions, who represent various faiths and community groups, work together to build relational power in order to have a voice in their communities. PCICEO is also broad-based in terms of the diversity of issues in which they engage. The goal is also to be as diverse as the communities where the organization works in terms of race, religion, socioeconomics, gender, age, diversity, and language.

What does PCICEO do?  

PCICEO uses a variety of organizing methods to bring diverse people together to work for the common good. These include relational one-to-one meetings, personal story-telling, house meetings, listening sessions, research actions, civic academies, and small and large actions with local officials.

How is PCICEO funded?

PCICEO is funded largely by the member institutions via stewardship commitments. The organization also receives denominational and other grants and raises funds from business and community allies and from individuals. Government funding is NEVER accepted.

Learn more by visiting their website or by contacting the Rev'd Deacon Leah Sandwell-Weiss by clicking the “contact PCICEO” button below.

Cruzando Fronteras

Cruzando Fronteras is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona with which Saint Philip’s members are involved.  If you are interested in border and immigration issues, this group, which is working in a number of different ways, would welcome your involvement.  They are committed to do the following:

•  Pray and take action with those involved in global mission along the Arizona/Sonora Corridor.

•  Advocate for humanitarian treatment of migrants, refugees, detainees, and all who live along the border.

•  Promote comprehensive immigration reform.

•  Collaborate with Lutheran and Anglican communities in Mexico, Latin America, and around the world.

•  Develop Latino/Hispanic congregations in the region.

Border and Immigration Newsletter

The Border and Immigration News is a bi-weekly newsletter containing  information about various aspects of border issues and immigrants’ rights. Be inspired as you  learn, reflect, pray, and act from a Gospel foundation and join in  advocacy for justice for the newest members of our community. To subscribe to the newsletter, please click the “subscribe” button below to email the editor, Suzanne Hesh.