Advent and Christmas at Saint Philip's in the Hills

Sunday morning December 24th we mark the Fourth Sunday of Advent with two services at 7:45am and 10:00am.  Christmas Eve services begin at 3:00pm and continue at 5:00, 7:00, 9:00, and 11:00.  More information about each of the services can be found in the scrolling calendar below.  Welcome!

On Christmas morning we have services at 7:45am (spoken, traditional language) and 10:00am (with choir).

For more information about our regular Sunday and weekday service offerings, see here.

Christmas Eve Offering

On Christmas Eve, Saint Philip's commits to using all of the money put in the plate at our five Christmas Eve services to serve the underserved and to support those on the margins.  Last year, for example, we designated the entire offering to go to a project that supported refugee families and to the After School Music Program which provides high quality music and homework assistance to children from under-resourced schools.  We hope that if you are able to give that you will do so generously knowing that it is going to be used to change the lives of those in need.